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Tricolor do Pici got the better of Verdão with a goal scored by Robson, 38 minutes into the first half, taking advantage of Weverton’s rebound.

As in the first round, Fortaleza beat Palmeiras (Photo: Getty Images)
As in the first round, Fortaleza beat Palmeiras (Photo: Getty Images)

This Saturday night (20th), the strength won the palm trees 1-0 at Castelão, in a match valid for the 34th round of the Brazilian championship. The goal was scored by forward Robson, 38 minutes into the second half. The result keeps Tricolor alive in the fight for a spot in the Libertadores, while Verdão has accumulated their third consecutive defeat.

The first half started with a lot of ball dispute between the teams. The first clearest opportunity came at 7, and it was for Fortaleza: a shot from outside the area of ​​Matheus Jussa, who came out on the right of Weverton’s goal. The answer from Palmeira came at 9, in a shot placed by Gustavo Scarpa, also to the right of the opponent’s goal.

Verdão kept up the pressure and kicked once again at 10, with Raphael Veiga. Alviverde possession of the ball reached 63% in the first stage, but the team did not transform it into clear chances of goal. Fortaleza began to bother with a header by Benevenuto, defended by Weverton, and opened the score at 38.

David risked a kick from outside the left half area. Weverton rebounded and, in a legal position, Robson completed it for the nets. In the second half, Tricolor started pressing, but gradually moved back, giving the ball to Palmeiras. Verdão showed little creativity, even with coach Abel Ferreira’s moves.

In the 44th minute, Patrick de Paula came from behind and risked a shot from outside the area. The ball bounced on the lawn, and goalkeeper Marcelo Boeck let it go under. It would be the equalizing goal of Palmeiras, but the VAR found an interference from Gustavo Gómez, who was in an offside position. The referee then disallowed the goal.

The concern was on account of right wing Yago Pikachu, who had a drop in pressure in stoppage time. He was unconscious for a few minutes, but soon regained consciousness. The ambulance had to enter the lawn in case he needed to go to the hospital. In stoppage time, Wesley had a one-on-one chance with Boeck, but the goalkeeper got the better of it.

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