Palmeiras tried to push Luiz Adriano to Botafogo, but the player's salary messed up the deal

that seeks interested parties for its exit (Photo: Cesar Greco/Palmeiras)

With an eye on the growth of Botafogo, recently transformed into SAF, and aware of the lack of the cariocas squad, since he took Rafael Navarro from his rival, the palm trees tried to push forward Luiz Adriano to the alvinegro club.

The negotiation, opened this week by the football director of Verdão, Anderson Barros, who has good traffic in Glorioso for having worked there, did not progress due to the high salary of the Palmeiras striker, which exceeds R$ 1 million on account of bonuses. and gloves right for his hiring by the Paulistas.

according to LANCE! found out, Barros looked for Botafogo after the alvinegro club signaled interest in the former Palmeiras number 10 shirt. The parties talked, but Glorioso only agreed to close the deal if Verdão paid 70% of the salary, thus keeping costs within the established ceiling.

Palmeiras did not agree. By orientation of the president Leila Pereira, the minimum for the business to prosper is for Verdão to pay at least half of the salaries.

Despite the salary sheet from Botafogo having a considerable increase for this season compared to last year, due to the return to Serie A, the club still will not pay astronomical salaries to the players.

In addition, even signaling interest when evaluating options in the market to strengthen its squad, Botafogo does not believe that Luiz Adriano would be interested in defending the club. Through his staff, the first response was that his goal would still be to at least play the Club World Cup for Verdão.

This hypothesis sounds almost surreal. Coach Abel Ferreira himself no longer counts on the attacker, who did not re-present himself with the group and should return to training, at different times from his teammates, on the 19th. It was the deadline for his representatives to find a destination for him.

Luiz Adriano scored just five goals in 35 matches for Verdão last year. His fate was sealed once and for all after he began to react to the boos and insults of the fans at the games at Allianz Parque.

At the end of 2021, the striker was approached by clubs such as Internacional, Grêmio and Fluminense, but Leila wanted to adopt Palmeiras’ policy not to pay part of the salary of loaned athletes.

As it saw that it wouldn’t work to get rid of no longer useful parts in the cast, the board went back and, for example, agreed to give away midfielder Lucas Lima, another ‘dismissed’ from the group, to Fortaleza for another year paying more than 50% of their salaries.

Since the announcement of Luiz Adriano’s departure, in addition to the negotiation with Botafogo, Palmeiras has only seen one poll for the player, from Cerro Porteño, from Paraguay, who also gave up on account of his high salary.


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