Ella Pamfilova

Ella Pamfilova


Head of the Central Election Commission of Russia Ella Pamfilova called on members of election commissions to “drive away scoundrels” who want to put pressure on them during the elections, which are scheduled for this week, noting that members of election commissions will be provided with psychological support.

Pamfilova also warned that in general there will be many provocations in the upcoming elections, however, according to her, large funds have been allocated.

“Do not succumb to any provocations, pressure from certain unscrupulous officials who want to twist your arms … Drive these scoundrels away, call our hotline, we will protect you,” said the head of the Central Election Commission.

As she warned, such provocateurs would do everything to get an undeserved result in the elections, and then “shove” the members of the election commission “under the chambers of shame”.

“We will defend and will not allow all sorts of scoundrels, whoever they are, to discredit the elections and strike at your human, professional dignity,” she said, adding that a hotline will specially work to support members of the election commission.

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