Pandoering against Leipzig equals toughest European ...


Club Brugge lost on Wednesday evening on the fifth day of play in group A of the Champions League with 0-5 forfait figures (rest: 0-4) against a battered RB Leipzig, an equalization of the heaviest European home defeat ever.

Michiel VerheirstraetenSource: BELGIAN

Yesterday at 23:29

On October 22, 2019, a little more than two years ago and then also with Philippe Clement at the helm, Club lost to Paris Saint-Germain on the third match day in group A with the same figures. The match scenario was then completely reversed, because blue-black then swallowed only one goal before half-time and four in the second half, after a fabulous substitute by Kylian Mbappé.


It was historic then, because never before did Club European lose at home with such figures. In August 2015, in the preliminary rounds of the Champions League, they lost 0-4 against Manchester United.

The heaviest defeat in Europe was recorded in November 1988 in the European Cup I. Away from AS Monaco it was 6-1. In September 2015, it was already 5-0 on a visit to Napoli in the Europa League.

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