Paolla Oliveira appears all bouncy in a photo in a thong bikini

a photo of Paola Oliveira every bouncy girl was talked about on social media last weekend! In the record, made by the photographer Iaponã, better known as “Neuronha”, The actress appears wearing a thong bikini while having fun on the beach with her boyfriend, the singer Diogo Nogueira.

In addition to the famous’s unique beauty and her charming smile, fans didn’t stop admiring it too, the beautiful natural curves of the actress and her body in full shape. “Shooting with this couple was a lot of fun!! The full session is out now… Paolla Oliveira’s smile with Diogo Nogueira’s friendliness and swagger made everything easier.”, wrote the photographer when sharing the spectacular click.

In the comments, the actress thanked for the affection: “It was too much! Thanks! You rock a lot”, wrote the famous. Over there, she was also surrounded by praise and endearing messages from fans and admirers.. “I loved the photo, Paolla is too wonderful”, “What a show”, “Too beautiful”, “Paolla’s body: everything for me”, “The most beautiful couple”, were some of the reactions.

Paolla Oliveira is the target of fake news

In September of last year, Paolla Oliveira was the target of a fake news involving Bolsonaro. At the time, false news began to circulate with a statement attributed to the actress, which said: “Prostitution would be the only way for Globo actresses to survive if Bolsonaro is reelected”.

After repercussion, the artist quickly denied the fake news: “There is a lie (famous fake news) circulating out there, from a website I’ve never heard of, being shared about an alleged statement I never made. Never existed. It’s a lie and it’s so obvious it’s a lie.”, she said.

“You will never find this statement from me talking about this subject, because I would simply never say that, involving a company and other colleagues. You can Google word for word and you won’t find anything but the planted lie. Yet another narrative trying to intimidate those who take a stand or oppose this government. This time I was the victim. I have always been committed to the truth. And it won’t be now that my name will be involved in fake news! continued the muse.

Finally, she blurted out: “Another thing, prostitution should not serve as a way of attacking someone. I have a lot of respect for all women, whether they are in whatever role, out of necessity or will. I fight oppression, child abuse, exploitation of women, machismo, sexism, misogyny. But I will NEVER judge anyone for their decisions. Because I have respect for the human being, unlike those who waste time to invent lies”, concluded the artist.

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