Paphos students painted and spread white T-shirts for a good cause

T-shirts of students from all schools in the province of Paphos were collected and spread on the pedestrian street of Makarios, in Paphos.

Paphos Schools, Primary and Kindergartens, started on a voluntary basis, a week ago, the action “Spread Happiness” in which they designed and painted various slogans for what is happiness according to them, on white T-shirts. As part of the event, various events took place, while parents and their children had the opportunity to visit the kiosks set up in the area.

In his statements, the First Officer of Primary Education of Paphos, Dimitris Mikellidis, noted that the children participate in the action voluntarily and sponsored by their parents. In this context, they undertake, as he said, to do some work at home, as a result of this action. He added that the money they receive from this grant is brought to the school and handed over to the “One Dream a Wish” Association, which realizes the dreams of many children who have been diagnosed with cancer.

Mr. Mikellidis said that the event is moving, but also a way to show their love for fellow human beings and to develop empathy and all those emotions, which should create such an action. He pointed out that the action is under the auspices of the Minister of Education and Culture Prodromos Prodromos and is carried out in collaboration with the Municipality of Paphos.

The President of the Association “A dream a wish” George Penidaex in his statements said that happiness is the small and everyday that compose the puzzle of life. Happiness, he said, is “to put smiles on some frowns who may not know what a smile is and these are the children who suffer from various forms of cancer and for whom we work every day as volunteers.” We, he continued, will always be volunteers There, until they manage to overcome their big problem which is cancer and continue their life, he also thanked Paphos for hosting them today but also for the great love he shows to children suffering from various forms of cancer.

Meanwhile, Niki Mikellidou, director of the 26th Elementary School of Panagia Tricherousa in Limassol, in her statements expressed her emotion that this action started from their school, then the baton was given to other schools in Limassol and this year the Paphos schools embraced the effort. The action, he said, will be transferred to Nicosia. The goal he noted is to go to Larnaca and then to the neighboring islands of Greece which are Crete and Rhodes.

Source: KYPE

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