Papo Preto #50: Tamirys Ohanna, from Cubatão to the world - 10/09/2021

In this episode of Papo Preto, Yago Rodrigues chats full of poetry with artist Akins Kintê. Between words and rhymes, Kintê talks about his trajectory, mishaps and articulations between artists in the independent scene.

The artist says that the internet and access to networks made marginal literature come out of marginality. “Peripheral, independent literature, this growth of soirees in the periphery and its cultural movement gave us visibility and today we work very well in the publication of printed books”, he says. “The movements often manage to work better than big companies” (from 3:35 of the file above).

Akins Kintê says that being in art is never stopping fighting. “Our theme is how to survive in these difficult times and also how to be an independent artist. There is always a thing about not losing your dignity and not stopping dreaming, we can never stop dreaming. An hour gets better” (from 4:42 pm of the file above).

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