5.56 rifle capsule collected at the site of the slaughter bears military department marks (Photo: Disclosure)

Part of the 110 capsules collected at the site of the attack was marked by the War Material Directorate

5.56 rifle capsule collected at the site of the slaughter bears military department marks (Photo: Disclosure)

At least part of the 5.56 and 7.62 caliber pants used in the massacre that killed four people and two wounded on the border at dawn on Saturday (9) were manufactured by the government of Paraguay.

Among the deflagrated shells, collected by the Criminalistics Department of the National Police, are cartridges with the brand of Dimabel (Dirección de Material Bélico), which manufactures the ammunition used by the Paraguayan armed forces.

The massacre took place in Pedro Juan Caballero as the victims were leaving a nightclub. Osmar Vicente Álvarez Grance, 29, the “Bebeto”, and three medical students who had just left the party with him died at the site – Haylee Carolina Acevedo Yunis, 21, daughter of Amambay governor Ronald Acevedo, and Rhamye from Mato Grosso Jamilly Borges de Oliveira, 18, and Kaline Reinoso de Oliveira, 22.

Paraguayan Bruno Elias Pereira Sanches, 18, and Rhafaelly de Nascimento Alves, from Rondônia, also a medical student, were injured.

Today (13), the President of the Republic Mario Abdo Benítez announced a change in the command of Dimabel, but made no reference to the alleged use of ammunition manufactured by the government in the massacre that left among the victims the daughter of one of his political opponents.

He appointed General Aldo Daniel Ozuna Recalde to the position, who assumes the direction in place of the commander of Navio Pedro Rubén Vallejos.

Officially, the change occurred because of the disappearance of pistols and rifles, seized by Senad (National Anti-Drug Secretariat) in 2018, during an operation against members of the Comando Vermelho in Paraguayan territory.

The weapons were sold from within Dimabel to the gang of Jorge Teófilo Samudio González, “Samura”, rescued by the gang in September 2019 and recaptured in Brazil, in March of this year.

other attacks – O Campo Grande News he learned from border sources that the rifles used by the three gunmen in Saturday’s attack had been used in similar attacks with at least ten other deaths in Pedro Juan Caballero and Capitán Bado.

One of the weapons was reportedly used in the death of Paraguayan Celso Maldonado Duarte, 46, the “Maracanã”, executed with at least 35 shots from a rifle on the night of January 28, 2020, in Capitán Bado.

Appointed as an ally of drug trafficker from Mato Grosso do Sul, Jarvis Gimenes Pavão (currently in the federal prison in Brasília), Celso Duarte was killed in his house, while he was having a barbecue for futsal player Fabio Anibal Alcaraz Arguello, the “Cacho”, 38, wounded with five shots. The athlete survived.

The attack left three others slightly injured and caused the death of Brazilian Gesica Nunes Arévalos, 25, a civil servant in Coronel Sapucaia, who was also at the barbecue.

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