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The young Irish actor Paul Mescal has had several successes in recent years. After, in 2021, having won the BAFTA for best actor for his participation in the series Normal Peoplereceived the news, in January of this year, that he had been nominated for an Oscar for aftersun.

However, alongside the good news, Mescal also had to deal with difficult times. On the same day he found out he was nominated, his mother shaved her hair before starting treatment for multiple myeloma, a type of bone marrow cancer.

“My mum got her hair cut today in preparation for her chemo and then Paul was nominated for an Oscar. Life is crazy” wrote singer Nell MescalPaul’s sister, on Twitter on January 24th.

The difficult treatment did not discourage either mother or son. And, after having appeared at the BAFTAs with his father and mother by his side, Paul Mescal walked the Oscars with his mother. The prize would end up distinguishing Brendan Fraser for his role in The whalebut the joy of the Irish clan did not fade.

Mescal wasn’t the only one to exchange a romantic partner for a blood company. That was also the choice of actress Andie MacDowell, who was photographed with her daughter Rainey Qualley, 33 years old and also an actress; or Colin Farrell, who appeared alongside his 13-year-old son Henry. Already Jennifer Connelly was paired with her son Stellan, 19 years old, while Salma Hayek shone alongside her daughter Valentina, 15 years old.

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