Parents furious after school recommends shapewear for their 13-year-old daughter

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It appeared to be an innocent letter, carrying 13-year-old Caroline home on Tuesday to her parents in Southaven, Mississippi. But what it contained has shaken the school to its foundations in recent days. Many parents are outraged because the letter suggests that students wear shapewear to feel better about themselves.

“Why do girls suffer from body image?” That is at the top of the letter that Caroline (13) gave to her mother Ashley Heun on Tuesday. Loosely translated: why girls struggle with what their bodies look like. Heun didn’t know what she read in it, she says at CNN. The letter talks about the girl’s self-image and advises parents to be open to giving their daughters “healthy literature” and shapewear.

The latter has gone down the wrong way at Heun. “I had to reread the letter a few times. My first instinct was to go to the school and yell at everyone.” Instead, she wrote off her worries on Facebook. “It’s already hard to raise girls in these times of social media full of fillers and Photoshop,” Heun wrote. “They are bombarded with images of what the ideal body would be.” The post went viral, and Heun got a lot of support and likes from other parents.

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It didn’t stop there. Heun also sent an email to director John Sartain. “The letter offers my daughter shapewear. Even if she begged me to, I wouldn’t give it to her. And now you encourage her. I am amazed that someone trained in child psychology can think this is a good idea.”

The two met on Wednesday. During that conversation, the director apologized, stressing that the letter’s writers had the best intentions. The program around which the letter revolves has meanwhile been cancelled.”

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