The parents of Lucas Gonz & aacute; lez, the 17-year-old adolescent assassinated last Wednesday by members of the City Police in the neighborhood of Buenos Aires, arrive to testify today as witnesses before the prosecutors that they carry out the investigation of the case.


The parents of Lucas González, the 17-year-old teenager murdered last Wednesday by members of the City Police in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Barracas, arrive to testify today as witnesses before the prosecutors who are carrying out the investigation of the case.


In turn, it is also expected that relatives of the three adolescents who survived the attack carried out by three City policemen, testify between this Tuesday and Wednesday.

During the day this Monday, the prosecutors heard the statements of the three teenagers who were with Lucas González at the time of the crime, last Wednesday in the Barracas neighborhood.

Later, relatives and friends of Lucas González, accompanied by thousands of people carrying Argentine flags, participated in a demonstration in demand of Justice.

Since before 7:00 p.m., hundreds of people gathered in front of the Buenos Aires courts to participate in the demonstration in demand of Justice for Lucas’s crime.

At least four buses arrived at the Buenos Aires Obelisk from Florencio Varela, filled with neighbors and friends of Lucas who waved Argentine flags, while the arrival of more than 15 groups that left from the vicinity of the victim’s house with more protesters was awaited.

Accompanied by several cars that honked their horns, two double-decker buses and two other traditional school buses passed by the Obelisk, where they were also applauded, and continued their trip to Talcahuano 550, whose front was fenced off.

There, hundreds of people, many of them young people and families, were already gathering with posters calling for “Justice for Lucas” and asking “Enough of Easy Trigger”, waiting for the word of the parents of the murdered adolescent on the stage set up in front of the main entrance of the courts.

The act ended minutes before 20 with a minute of silence, while Lucas’s parents were hugged by the three teenagers who survived the police attack.

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