Paris, collateral victim of the presidential race

Anne Hidalgo, mayor of the capital, and Valérie Pécresse, president of the Ile-de-France Regional Council, are both committed body and soul in the race for the Elysee. The Ile-de-France region is therefore neglected, regrets the correspondent of the Swiss daily The weather.

Thursday, January 13, Anne Hidalgo presented her program for the presidential election, and, that same day, the Geneva daily The weather, devoted an article to him. However, if the Swiss media decided to write about the mayor of Paris, it is not to talk about his ideas for France, but rather to criticize the elected socialist for his ambition to climb to the Elysee Palace. Anne Hidalgo is lagging behind in the polls, and, to pursue an objective beyond reach, she is neglecting the capital, attacks the correspondent of the French-speaking media.

“What does it matter if you promised her Parisian voters, after her re-election, that she would take care of them? ‘with all his might’, ignites The weather. Anne Hidalgo apparently sees no problem in worrying more about Corrèze or the fate of the overseas territories, while her own city is crumbling under recriminations: dirt, smashed asphalt, cycle lanes hideously marked by cement pads, problem chronicle of the installation of wild camps for migrants… ”

Very upset against the city councilor of the capital, the correspondent of the Swiss daily also said that he had received a not very courteous response from Hidalgo at a press conference, when he had asked him a question about the ALREADY.

However, the journalist’s reflection is not limited to a criticism of the mayor alone, since Valérie Pécresse also takes it for her rank. She too was re-elected to her post, but, like Anne Hidalgo, the Republican would be devoured by her presidential ambition, abandoning the management of her territory.

“These two amazons at the ballot box”

There follows a consideration of the behavior of these two female politicians who missed an opportunity to be better than their male colleagues:

Here are two ‘French women’ (this is the title of Anne Hidalgo’s book at Éditions de l’Observatoire) for whom municipal and regional electoral commitment is basically not worth much. Anne Hidalgo, like Valérie Pécresse, could however have chosen to embody another way of doing politics, less inclined towards accumulation than men, less obsessed with central power than men. But no: these two Amazons at the ballot box only have eyes for the palace in the rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré. ”

No respect for “decentralized entities”

Mitigating circumstance for Pécresse, the winner of the Republicans primary could have a chance to win, unlike Hidalgo, whose presidential candidacy has “For now, the appearance of a programmed failure”.

But whatever the final outcome, for The weather, the basic finding does not change: “Respect for decentralized entities, including the capital, is definitely not included in theADN French politics. ”

Thus, for the daily life of this federal country that is Switzerland, all that remains is to feel sorry for the fate of Paris, “This abandoned capital to cajole the gold of the Republic”.



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