Parliament wants a comprehensive strategy to tackle harassment in higher education

The Parliament of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation on Wednesday evening approved a resolution calling on the government to promote and harmonize within higher education establishments measures aimed at combating moral and sexual harassment of students.

Non-binding, the text follows various cases of harassment denounced in higher education, either on the part of members of the academic body, or on the part of students, with in particular the #BalanceTonFolklore campaign which had recently highlighted a culture of rape during student folklore activities.

The higher establishments had reacted in dispersed order to these phenomena. The resolution approved on Wednesday evening therefore calls on the government to now provide a response “global and coherent“.

To achieve this, the text recommends the generalization of a permanent awareness-raising and training policy for teaching teams and students.

It also calls for the establishment, in all higher establishments which do not yet have one, of a system devoted to the issue of harassment where victims could denounce acts of harassment and obtain psychological support.

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