Participate with a Chinese lantern in the Havana Biennial

The Chinese lantern was lit in each house where a literacy teacher taught, which was a success because in the fields of Cuba there were few places with electric light. Photo: Rebel Youth.

As part of the third experience of the 14th Havana Biennial, the Peruvian artist Sonia Cunliffe will present the work: The crossroads of the new man: a utopia seen in time. This installation will consist of video screens and sound equipment. One of the most important segments of the work will be a map of Cuba made up of Chinese lanterns, the kind that were used during the Cuban Literacy Campaign.

For this, the artist summons the Cuban public to lend their Chinese lantern to form the map of the island. Each one identifies it with their name to be preserved and returned. And to those who contribute, the artist will deliver a certificate prepared by herself, which certifies the participation in her work at the Havana Biennial. For the loan of the lanterns, the participants in this choral work will be able to contact the Cuban journalist Maribel Acosta on the phone 5 296 87 13, who is also a collaborator of the Peruvian visual artist. This is how you will make your contribution to the collective investigation of memory and the future.

(Havana Biennial Note)

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