We are living in what we might call the “most comfortable” moment of the covid-19 pandemic. Currently, unlike any other period within these almost two years of human, economic, educational, etc. tragedy, it is already possible to say that we are closer to achieving peace in our lives, with a possible control of the coronavirus.

This is due to a number of factors, mainly the high percentage of vaccination that we have here in Brazil and, consequently, the huge drop in the number of hospitalizations and deaths caused by covid-19, leading to an emptying of hospitals —I write this with a immense happiness, impossible to describe. But as a scientist, I can’t just talk with emotion and I have an obligation to use reason. Therefore, I must draw attention to issues that we need to focus on at this time, so that we do not step back and hinder the fight against the pandemic — as has happened in many countries.

The problem at the time is the parties programmed by many government officials, ranging from year-end celebrations to Carnival.

You, dear reader, may ask: “What’s the problem with the parties? Didn’t you scientists say that with approximately 70% of the population fully vaccinated we would return to normal life?”

Really, this is a percentage that we want so much. On the other hand, we cannot forget the basic concept of a pandemic, which is when a disease reaches the global level. In other words, when a certain problem, such as covid-19, spreads across several countries and continents.

Therefore, it is extremely important to act locally, seeking mass vaccination in our country, but we must never forget to keep an eye on what is happening around the world, as this virus has given us unpleasant surprises. Real leaders think beyond “standard condominium public health,” where they think safety is important only where they live.

Imagine what can happen at a New Year’s party in Copacabana or in Paulista and at Carnival in many places in the country? An absurd number of people coming from all over the world, mixing, hugging, kissing, sharing viruses and its variants, to each other, without any shame! Beloved Jesus, that’s all any virus wants, uncontrolled spread!!

Hence, new variants appear (if they haven’t already appeared and we haven’t discovered it yet), and it’s possible that one of them will be able to escape the vaccines, even if partially. The damage will be terrible. That way, if government officials want to carry in their hands and souls the possibility of more deaths caused by covid-19, they just need to nail that we will have more and more grandiose events like New Year’s Eve and Carnival parties before controlling the pandemic!

With several countries and even continents without vaccine support, the care to make parties that bring a high rate of people from various parts of the world to our country needs to be much greater. The thing must be more organized. This type of event can only happen after the pandemic is controlled globally.

We also need to take into account that Brazil is horrible in genomic surveillance, our strategies for making mass diagnoses are mediocre. In this way, turn down the beam and go to work to save lives and generate better quality social conditions, not wanting to expose the population to greater risks, to return to the carnage and closing of schools, commerce, etc.

What about football and “local” parties?

“If the problem is to bring together people from all over the world, why don’t we just have national parties?”, someone might ask. “We can do something like football, which is happening with the stadiums full and the people entering are those with the vaccination passport.”

Not quite. Australia and other countries did that and broke their faces. They are in lockdown again! Vaccination, it is always worth mentioning, is to prevent people who have contact with the virus from developing the disease in a severe and moderate state. But the vaccine is not a magic bullet, it protects 100% of people.

In fact, the vaccine doesn’t protect, it stimulates our immune system to protect the body. So, depending on the person, the vaccine may vary in its ability to stimulate. If a person does not have the immunity in good condition, the stimulus caused by the vaccine will not be the same as a person in perfect condition. But, how can we know if the person has the immune system in the best condition, taking into account a population of more than 210 million inhabitants and so socially unequal?

So, until we control the pandemic, we need society’s help to maintain care. And, above all, from the authorities!

As a good Corinthians fan, I went to watch (on TV) the game against Flamengo, last week, and what I saw was Maracanã full of people without masks! Only Jesus in the cause! All screaming and those infected, even if asymptomatic, expelling the virus into the air, which certainly took advantage of the “joy” party of those in the stadium to install itself in the bodies of as many people as possible. What a joy and what a party, huh?! (sarcasm)

Yes, I know that public transport on a daily basis is as crowded as stadiums. But we have to think with reason. In addition to transport people wearing masks and not hugging, singing and kissing, public transport is essential for people to come and go and seek sustenance. Football, Carnival and New Year’s Eve parties are not essential at this time of pandemic, even though they have an important social and economic function.

We need to think in a complex and strategic way, as the situation demands it. Simple as that, we have no other option, or humanity thinks and acts collectively and gives up certain things that are not a priority, such as parties and seeing a game in the stadium, or we will live in a restrictive way and in continuous fear for a long period!

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