Partnership between Brasil Parallel and G10 Favelas unites purposes and awakens hope - 10/13/2021 - Gabriel Kanner

Vinicius de Moraes said that “life is the art of meeting, although there is so much mismatch for life”. Unexpected, improbable encounters often dissolve into their inherent fragility and lead nowhere. “Let’s talk…” is the typical closing phrase of these innocuous meetings. But occasionally, unlikely encounters are capable of producing profoundly transformative impacts on our society.

The unexpected meeting between G10 Favelas and Brasil Paralelo has this potential. I, having the privilege of knowing both parties and knowing the execution capacity of both organizations, I have enough reason to be enthusiastic about this promising union of purposes.

I started by saying that this partnership is “unlikely”, at least at first glance. Let me explain: we have, on the one hand, a company dedicated to the massive production of audiovisual content and expansion of its subscriber base, which now exceeds 260 thousand. On the other hand, an organization with operations in more than 300 favelas throughout Brazil, which works hard to develop entrepreneurial leaders and fight hunger.

Brasil Paralelo’s mission is to “rescue the good values, ideas and feelings in the hearts of all Brazilians”, while the G10 Favelas seeks to “create a future where everyone can prosper.” As we better understand the purpose and work of each one, the partnership between an innovative media company and a social organization that has moved Brazil to train entrepreneurs and fight poverty brings us hope.

Brasil Paralelo will initially make 500 grants available to residents of the communities where the G10 Favelas operates. The nominees will have access to all the content available on the BP Select platform, which features several Sony Pictures movies and content for children and teenagers. In addition, the scholarship holders will have access to the Escola da Família, a training program for family life, which covers everything from marriage to raising children.

This Thursday (14) the launch event of the partnership will be held in Paraisópolis (Southern São Paulo), where a documentary by Brasil Paralelo will be shown, followed by a discussion about the film.

I spoke with Gilson Rodrigues, president of the G10 Favelas, who enthusiastically comments on the new partnership.

“The G10 Favelas works daily to fight hunger and unemployment in the favelas of Brazil. We are aware of all the difficulties that our population is going through. Fostering entrepreneurship and fighting hunger are in our DNA, and we will continue to work hard in this direction. But now, in partnership with Brasil Paralelo, we will expand our activities in education and entertainment, which are fundamental pillars for the training and development of people. This partnership has come to add.”

May the G10 Favelas and Brasil Paralelo continue to fulfill their missions and, together, may impact more and more people and drive Brazil on the path of education and prosperity.

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