Party federation and the importance of biodiversity - 01/13/2022

The human body needs heterogeneity to stay healthy and alive, so microorganisms are present in various parts, ensuring the full functioning of the human structure. Its eventual suppression causes dysregulation of the microbiota and facilitates the emergence of infections caused by larger organisms, the so-called opportunistic pathogens.

In other words, the variety of organisms generates the right balance for the emergence and maintenance of life, while, on the other hand, the elimination of these can generate disease and even death.

Making an analogy between the human body and democracy, one also sees the vital indispensability of heterogeneity in the latter, through different party filaments, to guarantee the balance of ideological segments, generating a self-restraint of power.

However, with some changes made to the legislation, under the pretext of better governance, limitations on the constitution and existence of parties emerged: the barrier clauses and the end of proportional party coalitions, providing the risk of eliminating small parties, in addition to the threat to minority groups, naturally already made invisible in the spaces of power.

Therefore, seeking a democratic balance, just like the organic one, the prescription of a legal remedy emerged, in this case, the party federation, which proposes to resolve the issue of preserving small parties and ensuring ease of management. But how would that happen?

The party federation, as proposed in Law 14.208/21, is the institute in whichTwo or more political parties may meet and act as if they were one.

In practice, it will enable the existential continuity of small parties that were on the verge of extinction, as well as allow the strengthening of their ideological defenses, through the possibility of merging resources, increasing the time of electoral propaganda, expanding the number of votes and the number of seats in the legislature.

This innovation has been harshly criticized, especially for the laconic wording of the Law that created it and under the argument of “resuscitation” of proportional coalitions.

However, it is understood that the combats mentioned were overcome by the decision of Minister Luís Roberto Barroso, on the occasion of the injunction in ADI 7021, making clear the spaces of possible distortions and guaranteeing, at least theoretically, the validity of the remedy that will protect diversity partisanship and democratic health.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, the federation guarantees transparency in the relationship between voters and future managers, and as Dr.the federation is characterized by a unified parliamentary operation, which, it is hoped, will generate a commitment to coherent action by elected parliamentarians.

Despite the possibilities of failure, the federation’s proposal presents itself as a good immune stimulant for the defense of democracy, since its essence is the protection of ideological diversity, necessary for the pacified expression of a plural nation.

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