Facing the general elections on November 14, the president of PRO, Patricia bullrich, it was proposed to capture part of the electorate that voted liberal options, and in that sense affirmed that Argentina “cannot be a country of caste“, while he affirmed that since Together for Change they believe in “freedom and the Republic.”

“We believe that the country cannot be a country of caste, we believe in freedom and in the Republic,” said the former Minister of Security of Cambiemos in dialogue with “Modo Plager” by Radio Rivadavia.

In full in tune with the liberal discourse, Bullrich spoke in favor of “lower taxes“,” repeal the rent law “,” modernize labor laws “and” have more private employment than public. “

Bullrich warned the Government: “If they are going to radicalize Argentina, we will face it”

I even know opposed the reissue of the Emergency Family Income (IFE) that the Government has in its portfolio to inject money into the pockets of the people with a view to the elections. “Now they want to give an IFE when in September when the businesses were closed they did not give it,” he said.

The elimination of taxes and the replacement of workers’ compensation by an unemployment insurance system is part of the repertoire of proposals that liberal sectors such as that of Javier Milei and José Luis Espert they come pushing with tenacity. .

Along these lines, Bullrich stood against Juntos por el Cambio lending itself to the Government’s call for a concertation to seek joint solutions to the problems of Argentines.

For the holder of the yellow party, it is a “false dialogue “and” a trap“on the part of the Government since the ideas that the ruling party maintains are the antipodes to those of the opposition.

Are they going to make a law of unicorns like people again? Will the rent law be repealed? Are they going to lower taxes? No, none of those things. We are going to represent what we represent. We will not enter a false dialogue that only serves the Government. No way, “he warned.

He also pointed out against the Government: “Since 1946, it is the first time that the United Peronism gets a third of the votes. The decline of Peronism is enormous. The first thing they should ask themselves is what happens to the society that has lost that historical floor that they have always had. Second, Peronism instead of strengthening his government in a situation like this, they are wanting to eat each other. If they kill each other, if they are not able to understand that they were chosen to govern, it is their problem. “

Asked whether Together for Change will seek the libertarian vote, the PRO leader clarified that “in practically the entire country the liberal groups are within” the main opposition coalition.

“In the city Javier Milei He has made a very good choice and he represents that vote very well. But if you look at the province has not obtained the same percentage, “he said to mark differences with respect to the electoral performance of Jose Luis Espert.

Milei, exultant: “The President is finished politically and we want to leave Kirchnerism third”

Bullrich assured that he will seek to “join forces” with Milei and other liberal sectors for the executive national election “of 2023.

“I think you have to expand the space and you have to summon Milei and others. Not now because he will play his choice and we will play ours. We are in the middle of the election, no one is going to tell him to get off, but later, “he explained.

Regarding the triumph of Together for Change at the national level, he stressed that if the results are repeated in November, it will be possible to “bring republican balance” and “balance in the Senate,” where the ruling party currently enjoys its own quorum.


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