Patrick Maia The story of the Brazilian soccer player who interrupted his career by being with his son who suffers from cancer |  VIRAL |  NCZD |  FOOTBALL-INTERNATIONAL

An amazing story. Patrick Maia is a Brazilian player who played in the Second Division in Malta, but decided to leave his career for a while to take care of his son Luca, who suffers from cancer that affects the cells of the nervous system.

The diagnosis of the two-year-old boy was that he is affected by neuroblastoma and since April 2021 he began to undergo treatment in London, which is why Patrick decided to postpone his life as a professional footballer.

Patrick lived in Malta with his wife and three children, since he was active in the Marsa. The forward could only see his son at night for work and his other two daughters returned to Brazil with their grandparents for financial reasons.

In dialogue with UOL of Brazil, the 32-year-old forward explained that “We can’t work, but we have to eat, move, dress and winter is coming”. The Brazilian and his family are receiving support from the governments of Malta and the United Kingdom, since the disease can cost up to one million euros. Likewise, according to UOL, Patrick and his family have received support from the Brazilian community, as well as contributions from various Brazilian players such as Thiago Silva, who sent him an autographed jersey.

To date, the treatment for Luca has improved, he left the hospital, now he only attends once a week for his corresponding exams and for the doctors to define if he still needs to continue with chemotherapy or a surgical intervention. An outstanding story.

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