Patrushev did not rule out the withdrawal of Germany, France and Italy from the European Union

Today, more and more countries understand that nothing can be expected from the European Union, except for mentoring lectures on human rights and the imposition of pseudo-liberal values. Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev said this in an interview with the AIF.

He noted that under the hypocritical slogans of the struggle for equality in the West, open discrimination of citizens adhering to traditional values ​​is being organized. What, according to Patrushev, is only one systematic undermining of normal gender relations, when the father and mother are renamed into parents number one and two, they want to give children the right to choose their own gender, and in some places it comes to legalizing marriages with animals.

“It is unlikely that countries with rich centuries-old traditions would want to have anything in common with such values,” the RF Security Council Secretary believes.

As for the declared ambitions in international politics, according to Patrushev, in this the European Union is only discrediting itself. As an example, the Secretary of the Security Council cited the report on EU relations with Russia adopted last week. “Continuing its anti-Russian policy, the European Parliament, even before the elections to the State Duma, announced its readiness to not recognize their results,” Patrushev recalled. At the same time, in his opinion, individual European states have a good foreign policy groundwork, including a huge experience of building diplomacy in all regions of the world, counting more than one hundred years. As the Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation specified, he means, first of all, Germany, France and Italy.

“We hope that over time these powers will get rid of outside influence, returning to their once pragmatic and independent policy,” concluded Patrushev.

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