Paul Belmondo speaks for the first time since the death of his father: "We took advantage of every second"

Invited by Bruce Toussaint on BFM TV, the son of Jean-Paul Belmondo found the strength to come and speak in front of the television cameras. He wanted to come back to the national homage that was paid to Bébel in the Cour des Invalides. “We received a lot of messages. Seeing these people queuing until very late at night really touched us. It just goes to show how much they loved him and how much they needed to say goodbye to him. “

Paul Belmondo then spoke about the precious support of the public, in particular during the release of the documentary retracing the life of his father which he himself directed. “It’s true that it went beyond anything I’d imagined. People would tell me every time, ‘We grew up with your father.’ I understood that people had lived with him. He was a landmark every moment of their life. “

He also told of the last privileged moments that relatives were able to spend with Jean-Paul Belmondo, before he fell asleep for good. “We knew it was going to happen, that he was giving his last fight, but no one is ready when a loved one leaves. There was his close family: his brother my uncle Alain, my aunt Murielle, (…) We all surrounded him. He really left with his people and calmed down. “

It has been a long painful time for the family, that time when you don’t know when a loved one is going to leave us. “Every day before he fell asleep, we would say goodbye to him. We doubted that the next day he would no longer be there. We’ve been enjoying every second, every minute with him for all these last days “, he confessed.

Paul Belmondo made one last confidence on BFM TV. The family followed the will of Jean-Paul Belmondo, who wanted the title Chi Mai from the movie the professional echoes during his funeral. A wish that aroused doubt within the clan, as revealed by the actor’s son. Between us, we had hesitated, we were afraid that it would be a bit much. He was right once again: this outing to the Invalides was so moving, so beautiful. He had somewhat staged his departure “.

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