Miracle and Wonder: Conversations with Paul Simon

As maybe you already read, today Paul Simon, founder of Simon & Garfunkel, turns 80. In this context we review the story of his life and his music, which takes us deeply. Throughout his career he has dabbled in different musical genres, he has learned various instruments and released several hits, just to mention his skills in this field. But today, when he is celebrating, he announced the launch of a audiobook and new music.

Miracle and wonder

His audio book is called Miracle and Wonder: Conversations With Paul Simon, according to slogan Variety, and it is a conversed autobiography. To create it he met with the author Malcolm Gladwell, with whom he had nine recording sessions and over 30 hours of talk. From there the content of the project is extracted, which in total lasts five hours.

At Paul reviews his childhood, his friendship with Art Garfunkel, his rise to fame and his solo work. Thus, he explains: «Throughout my career I have given hundreds of interviews on various projects, but talking and collaborating with Malcolm was especially enjoyable. “.

For his part, the writer added: “He is the least rock star.” Paul it is surprisingly down to earth and close. Even if he were not the successful musician of his generation, he would be the same person. The audiobook will be available from November 16 through Amazon, and is worth almost 20 USD.

Miracle and Wonder: Conversations with Paul Simon
Miracle and Wonder: Conversations with Paul Simon

New music

As a good musician, part of the interview is complemented with his interpretation of songs, which are part of his new album Seven Psalms. He did not give specific dates or previews, but some of this new music is part of the audiobook. When consulted, Malcolm Gladwell he said they were beautiful songs, but declined to elaborate. This release also has live studio versions of “The Boxer,” “The Sound of Silence” and “Graceland”.

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