Paula Fernandes squanders healed body when posing in a bikini in the bush

Paula Fernandes moved the social networks by sharing a sequence of beautiful photos on his Instagram last week. At 37 years old, the singer posed in a bikini in the middle of nature and impressed the fans with her body and her radiant smile.

At the time, she bet on a two-color model, matching details of the stylish hat he was wearing. “Today I am the sun that shines alone anywhere…”, wrote Paula Fernandes in the publication’s caption.

Impressive beauty, the artist won the admiration of internet users and was quickly praised for your photos. “Beautiful and very elegant,” said one fan. “What a hot woman,” praised another. “Very beautiful, thin and elegant”, commented another. “Beautiful and talented,” said another follower.

Check out the photos of Paula Fernandes:

How does Paula Fernandes keep her body healthy?

When it comes to keeping your body healthy, Paula Fernandes is a true example of discipline and dedication. In an interview with Marie Claire magazine, the singer said that invests in a healthy diet and does not give up training.

“I invest in health, which also ends up reflecting on the body. I cut out sweets, gluten, and I have an accompaniment from a nutritionist. I eat well and I don’t eat junk food, so I think that helps a lot.”, said the artist.

About training, Paula highlights that it is something that, in addition to providing more health for your life, it also makes you feel renewed. “I have invested a lot in the physical exercise part. Sometimes I’m tired, but it’s something that renews me immediately. I feel very good.”, said the artist.

“I don’t do activities every day because I don’t have time, but with me there are no excuses. I even work out at the hotel after shows. Arriving home, my personal goes there and we do a workout. The important thing is not to stop working out.” added the famous.

Approaching 40 years old, Paula Fernandes guarantees that she does not find it difficult to keep in good shape.Everything has to be thought out in advance. There are people who wait to be 40, 50 years old to start taking care of the hormonal issue. From the age of 25, we start to have a natural fall.”, explained.

“I already looked for a specialist so as not to be surprised later. I didn’t feel any difference because I always had a lot of energy and my metabolism was always very fast. I am willing, disciplined and I am investing in all the best that is within my reach.”, she said.

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