Paulo Raimundo defends “full equality of women” | women’s rights

The secretary general of the PCP defended this Tuesday that society will never be “really progressive and democratic” without equality between men and women and considered that all those who “aspire to social emancipation” should fight for this purpose.

“Without full equality of women there will never be a truly progressive and democratic society. The emancipation struggle is a women’s struggle, but it is a struggle for all those who aspire to a society without inequalities and progress”, declared Paulo Raimundo in a video message released on the eve of International Women’s Day, which is marked on March 8 .

In this message, Paulo Raimundo considered that March 8 is a date of “profound political and historical significance” and “a milestone in the struggle of women in defense of their rights”, which is why “many intend to make it forget”.

For the communist leader, the struggle of women who “aspire to live a just and dignified life, without precariousness, without inequality, without violence”, must be a struggle of all those who “aspire to social emancipation”.

“Women and men, we have a common aspiration: to end the devaluation of professions and careers, with low salaries that doubly penalize working women even more, to end with impoverishment, unregulated hours, precariousness, pressure and blackmail, disrespect for human rights. of maternity but also of paternity, to put an end to the growing difficulties in accessing housing and public services, in particular the SNS”, he listed.

According to Paulo Raimundo, March 8 is “another moment to denounce this reality of inequality and injustice that pushes women and children towards impoverishment while economic groups” are profiting, benefiting “from the war and its extension”.

“But International Women’s Day is, above all, an added moment and a special motivation for, with the strength and determination of women, to affirm, demand and fight for what is within their reach and which is theirs by right”, said the general secretary of the PCP.

In this context, Paulo Raimundo added that March 8 should also be a “moment to affirm, demand and fight for public services, for dignity, for the end of violence, for respect, for peace, for a dignified life, for full equality of women at work and in life”.

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