Zambrano, restrained by his teammates on the bench when he was going to face Pavón.  Photo Capture TV

Boca lost early in Avellaneda, although in the first half, above all, he had made enough merits to at least tie. However, little of that was able to drag into the second half, where as the minutes went by he was seized with nervousness and everything exploded in the very bench of substitutes, a few meters from Sebastián Battaglia, when Cristian Pavón and Carlos Zambrano almost went to hands.

There were 15 minutes of the complement when the DT decided to send Edwin Cardona and Luis Vázquez to the field to replace Agustín Almendra and Pavón. What was clear from seeing the faces of those who left was that they did not like the change at all.

So far, nothing special, more than the annoyance of two born competitors for having to leave their place and not being able to contribute to the search for equality. The worst would come later.

Pavón occupied one of the seats on the Libertadores de América bench, but not before repeatedly hitting its roof. Next, he took two bottles of water and threw them on the floor in a row. With the second of them, he wet Zambrano, who was sitting next to him.

Zambrano, restrained by his teammates on the bench when he was going to face Pavón. Photo Capture TV

The Peruvian looked at him incredulously and reproached him for being more careful. There the discussion began to raise temperature, insults crossed and on more than one occasion one of the two got up as if to approach the other. Third parties intervened, such as Fernando Gayoso (goalkeeper coach) or Javier García, to calm the waters. Also Diego González, who almost ends up braiding himself with Pavón by getting involved.

There were several minutes of chaos on the bench, and although later Zambrano and Pavón ended up apologizing to each other, it was a reflection of what was later also seen on the field: a nervous Boca, with players who reproached each other for actions, who complained in various parts of the game, with bad faces and annoyances typical of a night in which things did not work out.

Everything was “crowned” with the expulsion of Izquierdoz, 36 minutes into the second half. Boca, by then, was already leaving the game with more than one kick and the frustration of not finding how to reach a draw.

Battaglia is coming up with an Argentine Cup final that may well finish deciding his future: he will have to be attentive to correcting these details as well as those of the game itself.

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