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Those who register will be considered the highest scores of each PTU summer and PTU winter test.

What does the PTU for Winter 2022 consist of?
© UNO AgencyWhat does the PTU for Winter 2022 consist of?

275 thousand are the students who took the University Transition Test (Former Psu) for the University Admission Process 2022, results that were published last Tuesday, January 11.

However, for those who did not register or want to repeat the exam, they will have the opportunity to do so in winter. yes, in Winter Break the first edition of the Winter University Transition Test.

When is the winter PTU?

The Winter University Transition Test is he Monday 4 and Tuesday 5 July. The results of the winter process will be delivered on day August 5, 2022.

How and where to register for the Winter Transition Test?

Registration for the winter PTU is from the day April 11 to 29 in the Web page

Requirements for winter PTU?

– The only requirement for the registration of the University Transition Test Winter is to be graduated from high school.

– Chilean identity card.

– Passport.

If you are a foreigner and you do not have Chilean RUN, you must request the Provisional School Identifier (IPE). When you register, you must send your scanned passport or photograph to the email [email protected]. On the other hand, if you have already obtained your Chilean Identity Card, you have to request a change of IPE by RUN.

What happens if I pay Winter PTU and Summer PTU?

First of all, it is important to note that the agendas of summer and winter PTU are the same, that is, equal.

The concept of “score block” disappears, this means that the selection of the applicants will be made separately considering the best score of each of the current tests.

What does this mean?

It means that a student will be able to apply with their highest score in each process. For example: You can apply with the score of Reading Comprehension rendered in the PTU of summer 2021 and with the score Winter 2022 PTU Math and Science.

What is the cost of registration for the PTU winter 2022?

The registration fee for the PTU winter 2022 is $32.700. It is important to note that during this period the Junaeb Transition Test Scholarship is not considered, since it is only for students who are enrolled and studying fourth grade.

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