Pdte.  Guillermo Lasso accepts that part of his patrimony is outside Ecuador |  News

The president of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso, explicitly accepted this Wednesday that part of his patrimony is outside the South American country.


Ecuadorian AN Commission approves to investigate the president. Lasso

This Wednesday, an interview that the journalist Carlos Vera made with the Ecuadorian president was broadcast on TC Television, who is being investigated by a legislative commission on his alleged connection to the Pandora Papers case.

In the interview, the journalist says: “You said that this heritage was passed on to your family and those resources, the question that arises here is when you do that, which is an act of inheritance or donation, did you do it outside and that is outside or is it here?
Guillermo Lasso responds: “It is on both sides, and I am going to explain …”.

The journalist Orlando Pérez, echoing this response, questioned on his Twitter account: “So do you recognize that your assets are in Off Shore accounts? In South Dakota trusts? Do you confirm the Pandora Papers? ”.

On October 3, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists presented an investigation classified as Pandora Papers, which revealed information about accounts in tax havens in a review of 11.9 million documents, in which it implicates political leaders from various countries, including them to Lasso.

As a result, the Commission on Constitutional Guarantees and Human Rights of the National Assembly (AN) approved last Monday to carry out an investigation into the case and plans to present a report no later than November 6.

In Ecuador, candidates and public officials are prohibited from having their resources or assets in tax havens.

President Lasso, addressing the issue in his interview on Wednesday, affirmed that the Pandora Papers are a global concertation to attack people or political leaders like him. He also stressed that what he obtained in his private life has been based on work.

The president invited the population to go to the Internal Revenue Service (SRI) to learn more about his statements, since that information is public and assured that in 15 years he has paid the treasury $ 588,000,000.

On this point, the journalist Andrés Durán assured in a tweet that “Lasso lies” and detailed that the SRI reveals that he paid 17.8 million dollars between 2000 and 2020. “With MULTI BG he declared at 0 and with Banco de Guayaquil he paid 176 million” added.

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