Pdte.  of Chile decrees a state of emergency in the Southern Macrozone |  News

The president of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, decreed this Tuesday a state of emergency in the provinces of Biobío and Arauco, in the Biobío Region, and in Malleco and Cautín, in La Araucanía due to the serious acts of violence in the so-called South Macrozone area .


Carabineros repress Mapuche march in Chile

“These attacks have prevented judicial orders from the police, and they have resisted through acts of violence and the use of large caliber firearms,” ​​said Piñera in a maneuver, which actually targets the communities. Mapuches in resistance.

The president was referring to the latest acts of violence that have occurred in La Araucanía, in southern Chile, related to drug trafficking and organized crime groups.

The latest violent incidents were recorded at the Pemehue Hot Springs in Collipulli on October 8, the burning of trucks and machinery inside the Forestal Mininco in Loncoche a day later and the burning of 18 trucks inside a company in Temuco.

According to the Constitution, the decree may only restrict the right to assembly and freedom of movement in the area, and it lasts for 15 days.

From La Moneda, accompanied by the Minister of the Interior, Rodrigo Delgado, and the undersecretary of the portfolio, Juan Francisco Galli, the president said that these serious events have not only claimed the lives of innocent people, but also officials of the Carabineros and the Investigation police.

“These violent events have destroyed houses, churches, facilities, and goods destined for industrial and agricultural activities (…) and much public infrastructure,” Piñera explained.

The president said that to protect security and public order, the State of Constitutional Emergency Exception will be decreed, which includes the appointment of heads of National Defense.

However, Piñera has made this announcement for the MacroZona Sur not because of the roadblock by truck drivers but because of the mobilizations of Mapuche communities.

However, Piñera clarified that in no case is the measure directed against the Mapuche indigenous people who reside in the area.

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