Pdte.  of Venezuela calls for the union after regional elections |  News

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, called this Monday to dialogue with all political sectors after the first results of the regional elections, where the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP) won 20 of 23 disputed governorates.


Electoral centers close in Venezuela after elections

“I call on all the representatives of the political organizations to respect the results and I extend my hand to political dialogue and national reunification,” said the Venezuelan president.

Likewise, the head of state invited the three opposition governors who triumphed (Nueva Esparta, Cojedes and Zulia) to work together, “he urged them to do joint work (…) we are going to summon the new mayors to see the plans and unite for Venezuela, “he said.

After the results where the GPP achieves the majority of the governorates, the president thanked the population for supporting the project devised by Commander Hugo Chávez, “Chavismo and Bolivarianism of the XXI century is real and we are a determining force in history. of the people of Venezuela, “he added.

“With the Great Patriotic Pole we have won 21 entities, including Caracas, a good victory (…) this is the product of persevering work and of bringing the truth with rectitude to all communities,” said President Maduro.

The president also alluded to the challenges and rectifications that must be made in the midst of the illegal sanctions suffered by Venezuela by the United States (USA), “we have created awareness and we will continue to rectify what we must rectify,” he added.

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