Peacekeepers in Kazakhstan gained experience of interaction in the fight against terrorism

On Thursday, January 13, the CSTO peacekeepers held a parade in honor of the end of the mission in Kazakhstan. The ceremony took place in Alma-Ata on the parade ground of the military institute of the ground forces.

CSTO Secretary General Stanislav Zas, addressing the servicemen, said: “You had a simple and important goal: to assist the brotherly country in ensuring security, stability, protection of sovereignty and territorial integrity. And you fulfilled this mission with honor.” Zas stressed that the peacekeeping operation in Kazakhstan was the first real use of the Collective Forces of the CSTO. The peacekeepers have clearly shown that the states of the Organization are ready in any conditions in a single combat formation to defend the common security space. “We have demonstrated that the CSTO’s defense potential is highly effective and really operational,” Stanislav Zas emphasized.

He also noted the clear actions of the military transport aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces, which transferred more than 2,000 peacekeepers and about 250 pieces of equipment to the operation area. In total, more than 108 flights have been performed.

For Kazakhstan, it was fundamentally important not only military, but above all the moral support of the allies in the CSTO, which was immediately provided. “Contrary to the negative assessments of the CSTO activities imposed by some of our enemies, our organization has shown its relevance and effectiveness, the ability to act quickly, decisively and effectively, without delay, which, as you know, sometimes are like death,” said Stanislav Zas.

The first four aircraft with Russian paratroopers from the Collective Peacekeeping Forces of the CSTO on January 13 flew from Alma-Ata to Ivanovo

According to him, each of the allies contributed to the fulfillment of the assigned tasks as part of the CSTO military group. In its structure, professionally trained peacekeeping contingents of all countries of this Organization are successfully operating.

The commander of the CSTO grouping in Kazakhstan, Colonel General Andrei Serdyukov, in turn, stressed that the peacekeepers quickly ensured the safety of citizens and guaranteed the operation of strategic facilities in Kazakhstan. “Shoulder to shoulder, the peacekeepers stood up to protect the brotherly Kazakh people, not allowing criminal and terrorist groups to encroach on the constitutional order and integrity of Kazakhstan,” Serdyukov stressed. He thanked the leadership of the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan for resolving issues on ensuring the life and life of the multinational peacekeeping contingent.

More than a hundred CSTO peacekeepers were awarded medals “For Contribution to International Cooperation” by order of the Minister of Defense of Kazakhstan Murat Bektanov. Immediately after the parade, part of the servicemen immediately went to the aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces to be sent home.

Yesterday, the first four aircraft with 72 Russian paratroopers and 10 pieces of equipment arrived from Alma-Ata to Ivanovo. The peacekeepers were greeted as heroes. Colonel Alexander Shipov of the 98th Airborne Division said that the paratroopers had proved that there were no impossible tasks for the guardsmen of the “winged infantry”.


An extraordinary meeting of the Council of Defense Ministers of the OBDK took place yesterday in the mode of video-conferencing. It was attended by the heads of the military departments of Russia, General of the Army Sergei Shoigu, Armenia – Suren Papikyan, Belarus – Lieutenant General Viktor Khrenin, Kazakhstan – Lieutenant General Murat Bektanov, the Kyrgyz Republic – Major General Baktybek Bekbolotov, the Republic of Tajikistan – Colonel General Sherali Mirzo.

“The ministers discussed the results of the peacekeeping operation in Kazakhstan, as well as issues of ensuring regional security and improving the mechanisms for rapid response to emerging threats,” the CSTO Secretariat said. Following the meeting, a joint decision was signed on organizing the return of the military contingents of the CSTO member states to the points of permanent deployment.

Prepared Yuri Gavrilov

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