Pelé’s widow gives up managing the former player’s assets

Photo: Reproduction/Social Networks. Image: Lucas Mascarenhas

Márcia Aoki, Pelé’s widow, decided to give up and not be the administrator of the former football player’s assets. His son, Edinho, will be the executor.

According to information from g1 Santos, the decision was confirmed by the lawyers on Thursday (9) and the request will still be evaluated by the Justice.

In the will made by Pelé while he was alive, the desire for Márcia to have 30% of the inheritance was recorded. They got married in 2016.

If Pelé had not registered the wish in his will, Márcia Aoki would not have been entitled to share the former player’s assets.

Pelé died in December last year, aged 82, after undergoing treatment for a colon tumor. He was hospitalized at Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, in São Paulo.

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