Pence Refuses to Support Trump in 2024, Says Republicans “Will Have Better Options” | USA

Former Vice President of the United States, Republican Mike Pence, has indicated that he will not support Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential election if the former US president wins the Republican Party primary.

“I think we’re going to have better options, and I trust the choices of Republican voters,” Pence said in a interview to the CBS channel, on Wednesday, when asked what he will do in the event that Trump is again the Republican candidate for the White House.

“I am very proud of the successes of the Trump/Pence Administration”, said the former US vice president, before stating that, in his opinion, no other Republican would have defeated the Democratic Party candidate, Hillary Clinton, in the 2016 election. “But I also think the situations are different, and now a different kind of leadership is needed.”

Faced with a second opportunity to clarify his position, Pence again said that the Republican Party “will have better options in 2024” and was confident in the victory of the Republican candidate in the general election, in November 2024.

As for his role in the next race for the White House, the former governor of Indiana said he will make a decision “by spring”, confirming that he is discussing with his wife, Karen Pence, the possibility of running in the primary elections.

According to several testimonies from former White House officials – taken under oath, as part of the House of Representatives investigations into the invasion of the Capitol – Trump said that Pence deserved to be hanged for refusing to stop the certification of Joe Biden’s election at the January 6 ceremony.

As vice president of the United States and president of the Senate, Pence opposed Trump’s plan to remain in the White House and limited himself to transmitting to Congress the results that had already been validated by the various North American states.

DeSantis on the prowl

In addition to Trump, only the former governor of South Carolina and former US ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, has official candidacy for the 2024 election. Other names, such as Pence and the governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, are given as right in the Republican Party primaries.

According to the most recent polls, Trump remains the favorite of the Republican electorate, and only DeSantis shows the potential to assume himself as an opponent capable of preventing a re-election of the former US President.

With a support percentage of around 40%, Trump may benefit from a dispersion of the anti-Trump vote in the Republican Party, guaranteeing a nomination without a majority, similar to what happened in the 2016 primary elections.

The 44-year-old governor of Florida has been gaining space in the Republican Party in recent years, with a series of policies aimed at the so-called culture wars.

One of these policies led to the prohibition of public schools in Florida from discussing sexual orientation and gender identity in classes up to the 3rd grade of primary education, and they will only be able to discuss these topics in the presence of older students if it is “appropriate to the age and stage of development” of children and young people.

Due to the general and subjective nature of the law, schools are concerned that any topic that could be interpreted as a debate about sexual orientation or gender identity — including the description of family activities by a student who is the son of homosexual parents — leave them exposed to costly court proceedings.

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