People's Force alerts about the chaotic situation at the Arturo Grullón Hospital
Municipal Directorate of the People’s Force in Santiago requires the authorities, through a statement, to confront with responsibility

The Municipal Directorate of the People’s Force in Santiago requires the authorities through a statement, face responsibly and with urgency the serious crisis through which the Arturo Grullón hospital in Santiago, due to the deficiencies in the attention to the children of Santiago and the region who come to the place in search of health services.

In this sense, the Municipal Technical Health Commission of La Fuerza del Pueblo in Santiago, assured that it made a diagnosis of the situation of care, operability and administrative management of the aforementioned center, finding a chaotic and precarious state in all the essential processes to provide the services that constitute the mission of the aforementioned health center, popularly known as ‘Children’s Hospital’.

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The statement specifies that the Arturo Grullón Hospital must provide a monthly average of 10,000 services between consultations and emergencies, which currently have been substantially reduced due to vital problems such as that of 9 operating rooms only 3 of these are enabled, Care Unit intensive works in a room of the emergency area. The hospital’s bed capacity is less than 50% of the 257 that it should have available, the same situation occurs in intensive care areas.

The serious crisis in this healthcare center is such that the services of Cardiovascular Surgery, Spine Surgery, Platelet Apheresis and others were suspended due to lack of budget. Added to this situation is the moment that the country is experiencing with the increase in infections of the Ómicron variant that has already reached the child population, concluded the statement from the Municipal Directorate of the People’s Force.

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