“Perfect Match”: New dating show now on Netflix

What is Perfect Match about?

According to the description, “Perfect Match” can be understood as a kind of best-of cast of other Netflix shows. All participants are already known from other formats, such as “Love is Blind”, “Too Hot To Handle”, “The Circle” or “The Ultimatum”. Basically as it is known in the German TV landscape from the show “Bachelor in Paradise”: Former candidates from previous “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” seasons are eligible to participate.

Bartise Bowden (“Love Is Blind”), Chase DeMoor (“Too Hot To Handle”), Chloe Veitch (“The Circle”) and Zay Wilson (“The Ultimatum”) are reunited on “Perfect Match”. .

According to Netflix’s description, “Perfect Match” will take place in a “tropical paradise” and will be hosted by Jessica Simpson’s (42) ex-husband Nick Lachey (49). Some of the participants should already know him from other reality shows – Lachey also moderates “The Ultimatum” and “Love is Blind”.

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