Peter Jackson's terrific Beatles documentary is coming to home cinemas as a special edition

A few weeks ago it landed on the list of the best series of 2021: The three-part documentation The Beatles: Get Back was released on Disney + and provided an intimate look at the work of the most influential band of the 20th century.

The one-time documentary will appear in Germany in March as Collector’s Edition on Blu-ray. It is a must for Beatles fans, but not only for them.

Peter Jackson’s Beatles documentary shows recordings of the Fab Four that were never released

In January 1969, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr and George Harrison met on a stage at Twickenham Film Studios in London to tackle the major project Let it Be. It should contain an album, a concert and a film. Thereby were around 60 hours of footage and produced 150 hours of sound recordings, which the 1970 film Let It Be could not combine by far.

Equipped with the blessing of the Beatles who were still alive and the widows Olivia Harrison and Yoko Ono, Peter Jackson set about exploring, revising and editing the extensive material.

The special thing about the Documentary series by the Lord of the Rings director: It’s not a series of interviews and adulation about the greatest band of all time. Jackson and his editor Jabez Olssen limit themselves to mostly unreleased Film recordings of the Beatles in the rehearsal room. The documentary offers a few text panels to classify and consists mainly of uncommented recordings.

The focus is on the dynamics of the four musicians who play in the 468 minutes Joke, get bored, jam and finally appear together in public for the last time at the famous concert on the roof of the Apple Corps.

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The documentary is a unique experience – even if you are not a Beatles fan

It’s a unique experience. The Beatles: Get Back allows on the one hand to watch “live” how the four ideas for songs discuss and form legendary pop songs from rough approaches. On the other hand, it gives insight into the growing Cracks within the bandwhich led to the ultimate break after the production of the next album Abbey Road. And yet Get Back is above all a testimony to the magic that emerged when the four boys from Liverpool creatively found the same wavelength.

Of course, some background knowledge about the condition of the band (and the Drug Use by John Lennon ) when classifying their behavior. But even if you’ve never really dealt with the Beatles, keep the ones shown creative processes and conflicts their strength. The only downer is Peter Jackson’s overzealous digital smoothing of the original recordings.

In this edition, The Beatles: Get Back appears in the home theater

The Beatles: Get Back am appears in Germany March 3, 2022 on Blu-ray as Collector’s Edition. The 3-disc edition comes in a digipack with trading cards. According to the cover, it includes the almost 8-hour documentary in Dolby Atmos sound. Nothing is known about extras yet.

at Media Markt * You can currently use the edition Pre-order something cheaper, namely for 41.99 euros. at Amazon * On the other hand, it costs 49.99 euros.

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