PGR defends the release of 12 prisoners for acts of 8/1; more than 900 are detained

The PGR (Attorney General of the Republic) was in favor of the release of 12 prisoners for involvement in the coup acts of January 8, which culminated in the invasion and depredation of the buildings of the three Powers in Brasília.

The opinion was sent today to the Minister of the STF Alexandre de Moraes, rapporteur for the investigation into the acts, who will be responsible for deciding on the requests for release. The process runs under secrecy of Justice.

In place of preventive detention (for an indefinite period), the PGR was in favor of converting to precautionary measures, such as a ban on attending military establishments, with a minimum distance of 500 m, and maintaining contact with other investigated persons.

Access to social networks should remain prohibited for the 12 prisoners. The PGR demonstration takes place after a request for release by the defense of the prisoners.

The lawyers allege that they did not participate in the acts of vandalism and that they were only camped in front of the Army headquarters..

Another line of argument for the defense is the fact that some of the prisoners are elderly or have chronic illnesses.

Currently, there are 611 men and 305 women arrested in Brasilia for their involvement in coup acts.according to a report released on the 8th by the Secretariat for Penitentiary Administration.

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