PGR offers complaint against 80 people arrested in coup acts

The Attorney General’s Office (PGR) presented, in recent days, to the Federal Supreme Court (STF) 80 new complaints against people arrested in the act after invading and destroying the headquarters of the three Powers, in Brasília, on January 8.

The accusations were filed in two investigations (4,921 and 4,922), both reported by Minister Alexandre de Moraes, instituted at the request of the PGR to investigate the planning and intellectual responsibility of the crimes committed, as well as to identify the participants in the invasion who were not arrested. red-handed on the day.

The total number of people denounced by the Strategic Group to Combat Anti-Democratic Acts reached 912 people, including perpetrators and inciters.

Among those denounced in recent days are 44 accused of crimes of incitement equivalent to the animosity of the Armed Forces against the Constitutional Powers and criminal association, whose maximum penalty can reach 3 years and 3 months of imprisonment.

Another 36 people were accused of more serious crimes, committed with violence and serious threat, whose maximum sentence can exceed 30 years. In these cases, the accused are responsible for the crimes of armed criminal association; violent abolition of the democratic rule of law; coup d’etat; Qualified damage to Union property, in addition to deterioration of listed property.

Provisional Freedom

The Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office (MPF) requested the revocation of the imprisonment of 202 accused of minor crimes, whose maximum sentence does not reach 4 years. As for those accused of serious crimes, that is, committed with violence and serious threat, the MPF asked for the maintenance of the precautionary prison. This group consists of 58 people.

Also this Monday (27), the PGR decided to release 29 buses from investigated companies that presented the list of passengers and documents related to hiring or paying for transport to Brasília, on January 8.

At the demonstration, however, the coordinator of the Strategic Group, Carlos Frederico Santos, requested that a charge be made on the registration of these buses with the National Traffic System, a procedure that aims to link the vehicle to the fact and, as a consequence, imposes restrictions on owners.


Since President Lula was elected in the second round, at the end of October, supporters of former President Bolsonaro, unhappy with the result of the election, have called for a military coup to depose the democratically elected government.

The demonstrations in the last months of 2022 included encampments in several general headquarters in the country and culminated with the invasion and depredation of the headquarters of the Three Powers, on January 8 of this year.

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