Philippe Clement, Bruges coach: "My players have written a page of history"

Lmiracles still happen in football. Philippe Clement has never stopped convincing himself, and obviously convincing his players, that they could dream bigger!

Philippe Clement, Bruges has just achieved a major feat by not remaining, as you announced the day before, 11 behind: what are your feelings after this meeting?

I am extremely proud of this team, of the mentality and the daring it has displayed. He needed some c … to shake up PSG. My players have written a page in the history of the Club. To hope to achieve such a feat, you need a combination of many factors. This Wednesday, everyone was precious: the 11 holders, of course, but also the reservists and players who could not participate in the party. This team is growing well.

After doing great things against Real or Dortmund two years ago, after beating Zenit twice last season, you’ve pushed your limits again, haven’t you?

Yes, even if we do not know exactly where they can be. We all have dreams, the biggest possible, and we have all been working hard for several years to achieve them.

Does this sharing change a lot of things compared to your initial European ambitions?

No. We play all our matches to win them and we will continue to do so in the five finals we have yet to play, of course, but we must also remain realistic.

When we see the performance of De Ketelaere, for example, it looks promising for the Club as for Belgian football, right?

There have been a lot of legitimate questions about the positioning of Charles, who can evolve successfully in different positions. Tonight he was brilliant but I would be remiss if I only highlighted his performance. Vanaken was monstrous, Lang too. And the defense held up well against the three Parisian offensive monsters. I guess the audience will have appreciated …

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