Phishing victims launch bankruptcy proceedings against Argenta

Phishing victims demonstrated Thursday noon in front of the headquarters of the Argenta bank in Antwerp. They blame the institution for not properly solving their online fraud problem. The initiators of this action also sent a summons to appear against the bank, a first in Belgium, according to them.

About thirty victims swindled to the tune of around 600,000 euros have come together to better defend their interests. The victims had initially addressed in writing, as recommended, to the phishing service of Argenta, but the reaction dragged on so that the money paid could never be recovered, explain the injured parties. The service in question would have always pointed out the responsibility of the customers.

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The victims also rely on the conclusions drawn by the finance mediator, which point to a lack of responsiveness on the part of Argenta, in addition to services that are difficult to reach. An attempt to reach an amicable settlement with the bank came to nothing.

Argenta has indicated for her part that she will fully collaborate in this collective procedure. She adds that phishing is a social phenomenon of a certain magnitude. “All financial institutions, including Argenta, draw attention to this problem in all its components. And Argenta is constantly taking technical measures to prevent phishing.

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