At around 3:30 in the afternoon of this Wednesday, the explosion was registered in the boiler area, -in charge of generating air for the internal benefit of cattle and pigs- of the refrigerator of the municipality of Sonsón, south of the department of Antioquia .

According to the commander of the Sonsón municipality Fire Department, José Sánchez López, “when we arrived at the site we found the boiler destroyed, fortunately there were three people injured but not seriously.”

In addition, López indicated that the damage reported to the structure was “total loss, and the possible causes of the explosion are yet to be determined.”

Regarding the events, Edwin Osorio, one of the workers at the refrigerator, said that “a strong explosion made us stop all activities, we were astonished, it sounded like a bomb. When we went out to see what had happened, we realized that the boiler that supplies us with steam for various equipment had exploded, “he said.

Faced with the work carried out in the refrigerator, Alexander Orozco Gómez, secretary of Rural Assistance and the Environment of Sonsón, indicated that they will be temporarily suspended.

“We are making a technical committee in conjunction with the administrative area of ​​the meat processing plant and with the mayor, and the idea is to seek parallel actions so that there is no trauma in the matter of the benefit and the supply of meat in the subregion of the department of Antioquia” , said Gómez.

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Statements commander of the Fire Department of the municipality of Sonsón, José Sánchez López

Statements Edwin Osorio

Statements Alexander Orozco Gómez, Secretary of Rural Assistance and Environment

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