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In the chapter shown on Tuesday (12), the character of Gabriela Medvedovski was shot by police officer Borges (Danilo Dal Farra). In the final scene of the episode, the girl is found by Samuel (Michel Gomes) injured and passed out, which left the audience very curious. Did Pilar die in In Times of the Emperor?

Pilar dies in the soap opera?

Pilar will have a hard time and will fight hard to survive in In Times of the Emperors, but the young woman will be lucky and will be saved in the hospital. In the scenes of the next chapters of the 6 o’clock soap opera, Samuel will despair of the situation and take the doctor to the Third Order.

At the hospital, the engineer will be told that Pilar could die as the bullet hit the woman’s liver and she lost a lot of blood. Doctors will immediately begin surgery to stop the bleeding. The mother will even ask Samuel to pray for Pilar, because the situation is ugly.

After Pilar is between life and death, the girl recovers and, to everyone’s relief, she doesn’t die in the soap opera. After the girl wakes up from the surgery, Samuel will declare himself to José Dumont’s daughter and say that he still loves his ex-girlfriend.

Young girl is found by Samuel – Photo: TV Globo/Reprodução

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What happened in In the Times of the Emperor?

Pilar almost dies in the soap opera because she is the victim of a stray bullet. Everything happens because of police officer Borges in a clash with Os Guerreiros, a group formed by Guebo (Maicon Silva) and Jamil (Musipere).

Guebo discovers that Borges has sold slaves and that he will receive his payment at the casino. To combat the actions of the policeman, Guebo goes to the place that used to be the Taberna dos Porcos with some companions and the money is stolen.

A chase then begins, Borges goes after the men who took the money and shoots. However, the bullet ends up hitting Pilar in the stomach. The girl was close by because she heard Samuel’s whistle and was looking for the boy.

Borges at the time of shooting
Guebo men were masked during theft – Photo: TV Globo/Reprodução

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