Pilgrimage d’Agonia is looking for the best poster — with a double prize: 1500 euros | Contest

The public competition for the selection of the official poster for the 2023 Pilgrimage d’Agonia starts this Tuesday and runs until April 28, and this year the prize for the winner doubles in value and goes to 1500 euros.

In a statement sent to the newsrooms, the Festas da Senhora d’Agonia Festivities Committee said that the competition “intends to select an original poster, with a free theme, that publicizes the Pilgrimage of Nossa Senhora d’Agonia nationally and internationally”.

The Pilgrimage d’Agonia will take place this year, for the first time, for nine days, from the 14th to the 22nd of August, “in view of the increasing influx” of people to Viana do Castelo because of the festivities.

“It is suggested that the poster express the spirit of the Pilgrimage and the elements that characterize it”, reads in the contest regulation, which has been promoted since 2011 by the City Council of Viana do Castelo, VianaFestas and the Festas Commission.

Proposals, up to a limit of two per competitor, may be submitted from Tuesday — and until midnight on April 28th — through the site.

This contest is only intended for people working in the field of design, photography, illustration or visual arts who wish to compete either individually or as a team.

In addition to choosing the winner of the official poster, the five finalist proposals for the contest will also be displayed in August at the party information point, while the rest can be viewed on the official page of the parties on the Internet.

The “poster proposals will be evaluated according to criteria such as the effectiveness of the message, compliance with the rules of good dress and gold, originality and creativity, or technical and aesthetic quality”.

In 2023, the cash prize awarded to the winner of the competition will be worth 1500 euros, twice as much as in previous years, and will be titled the official poster of the Pilgrimage of Nossa Senhora d’Agonia.

For the 2022 competition, for the choice of the 110th official illustrated poster of the Pilgrimage d’Agonia, almost 40 authors from Portugal, France and Brazil submitted a total of 60 different proposals.

Devotion to Senhora d’Agonia began in 1751, with the entry of the image into the Chapel of Bom Jesus. In 1783, the Sacred Congregation of Rites granted faculty and license for every year to celebrate in this chapel, on the 20th of August, a solemn mass, a date that the city of Viana elected as a municipal holiday and that is celebrated since then.

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