Together for Change had the virtue of staying together in the first place, said Pinedo
“Together for Change had the virtue of sticking together in the first place,” Pinedo said.

The former macrista national senator Federico Pinedo highlighted this Sunday that Together for Change “had the virtue of staying United, expand your coalition and show seriousness “, although criticized the strategy in the recent district change elections between Maria Eugenia Vidal and Diego Santilli.

“Together for Change had the virtue of staying united in the first place, expanding its coalition a little and showing seriousness, and that was seen in the celebrations,” Pinedo said about the recent legislative elections in statements to Actualidad Política TV, on Canal Metro .

The former legislator also was self-critical with some electoral strategies of JxC: “I didn’t think it was a good idea about the district change of (María Eugenia) Vidal and (Diego) Santilli “.

“In the city of Buenos Aires, an alternative non-Kirchnerist force appeared to Juntos por el Cambio that got 17% (Javier Milei); it’s a lot, when you have 46%, it seems to me that more votes could have been obtained there, You have to look ahead and see what we offer to Argentina. Our choice was exceptional throughout the country, “he said.

On whether he has a candidate for 2023, Pinedo said no, and considered that “there is a very interesting new phenomenon in Together for Change, which is the good political management that radicalism did

“It did not seem like a good idea to me about the change of district of Vidal and Santilli.”Federico Pinedo

In this regard, he maintained that “they have incorporated valuable new leaders. Martin Lousteau is always an important figure, Martin Tetaz it has been a very important addition, Facundo Manes it got 40% of the primaries in the province of Buenos Aires “.

“They have held extraordinary elections for governors in their provinces, such as Jujuy, Mendoza and especially Corrientes. And together we have made great elections in many provinces. You have to see what radicalism does; it is ridiculous to do futurology, the logic would be that there are mixed formulas, from different parties, people from radicalism and the PRO in the same formulas, we have to see, “he said.

In addition, he said to value the task of Patricia bullrich in the interior this year, and that “the governors also value him because he gave them an important hand in their districts.”

Macri I don’t know if he is going to be a candidate, The only thing he rightly says is that he does not want to be told that it will not be or that it has to be, so we will see, “he added.

On the other hand, it assessed that the government of Alberto Fernandez suffered in the recent legislative elections “a very important defeat that punishes a very bad management in these two years, with a very worrying and very complicated future situation” due to factors such as “inflation.”

Regarding the dialogue proposed by the Government, he stressed that “you have to make reasonable proposals and be willing to dialogue with all sectors with respect; basically the magic word is respect, respect and reliability, trust, on that basis the Senate can lead” .

Regarding his brief tenure as the country’s first president in 2015, when he was provisional head of the Senate and was in charge of the Executive Power for 12 hours, between the end of Cristina Kirchner’s term and the inauguration of Macri, he responded with irony: “I was a better President that all the presidents because I did nothing wrong, and that the presidents do nothing wrong is already an extraordinary achievement. ”

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