From the Grouping of Productive Organizations of Biobío (AGOP) they supported the president’s decision. Minister Delgado travels to the area tomorrow.

The President of the Republic, Sebastián Piñera, signed yesterday the emergency constitutional exception decree for the so-called South Macrozone due to “serious damage to public order”, which will last for 15 days and can be extended for the same period.

The measure, he explained, is “to better confront terrorism, drug trafficking and organized crime that has taken root in those territories, but in no case is it against a people or group of citizens.”

Accompanied by the Minister of the Interior, Rodrigo Delgado, the president explained that the measure will govern in the Biobío and Arauco provinces in the Biobío region, and in the Malleco and Cautín provinces in the La Araucanía region.

In his opinion, the decision is due to the fact that the inhabitants of these territories live “in constant fear and a feeling of defenselessness. This causes damage to the direct victims and those who feel threatened”.

Along these lines, Piñera pointed out that the Armed Forces will be able to provide logistical, technological and surveillance support, patrolling and transportation to all the police procedures that are developed, which allows them to “collaborate, but not replace Carabineros or Investigations.”

The President said that “no decision is easy” and that “we have decreed this measure to better protect the lives of people, prosecutors and judges of the Judiciary who have been publicly threatened, to better protect public order and the rule of law. “.

Minister Delgado reported the appointment of the two heads of Defense in the area: the Admiral of the Navy, Jorge Parga, who will be in charge of Biobío; and the Army General, Lionel Curvi, in charge of La Araucanía.

The Secretary of State added that he will travel to the South Macrozone tomorrow so that, together with the Armed Forces, the Ministry of Defense, the police and authorities that are going to have a degree of intervention, they can know the plan in detail that will be implemented from that day, related to the means to be deployed, the endowments and the strategy. “We are going to make what can be known,” he said, specifying that there is also information that “is classified.”

Guilds of Biobío

From the Agrupación de Organizaciones Productivas del Biobío (AGOP) -which brings together Asipes, Asexma Biobio, Asem, CChC Concepción, Corma Biobío, Irade, Pymemad and the Unión de Gremios Pymes Biobío-, they supported the president’s decision.

Through a press release, the Association indicated that the measure promoted by the Government is necessary considering “the increasingly extreme situation of helplessness and fear in which thousands of families live in a part of the national territory captured by terrorism and organized crime that to date has claimed the lives of 12 innocent people. “



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