Pinto da Costa outraged after defeat by FC Porto: “Ahabem with VAR” | national football

FC Porto’s defeat by Gil Vicente, which left the “dragons” eight points off the top of the championship, is generating indignation from those responsible for the club in relation to the refereeing. Criticisms that, in particular, are directed at VAR.

“Given the performance of this VAR and in the game in Vizela, I make a request: end the VAR, having VAR for some and not having VAR for others makes the opposite sense of the truth of the game. If it only acts for some and not for others , get rid of VAR, you’re not doing anything, except spending money and distorting the truth of the championship”, pointed out Pinto da Costa, president of FC Porto, in statements to Porto Canal.

The director, who praised the reaction of the supporters at the end of the match (they applauded the team), continued with repairs to the criteria of the arbitration team. “What happened is to distort the truth of the game, everyone saw that. We don’t treat the referees for you, we don’t even talk to them. The Arbitration Council should meditate well on what happened on this day”.

Sérgio Conceição, the FC Porto coach, stressed the attitude of the players in the same vein, albeit in a more restrained manner. “They don’t need these nice words, but tonight was a night where everything happened the other way around and, in my opinion, in the dubious moves there was a lot of rigor and a lot of visualization, but it has to be for both teams.”

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