Pinto's harsh criticism of James

Jorge Luis Pinto was again critical of the current level of James Rodríguez. The coach considered that the attacking midfielder is not the solution to the problems that the Colombian team currently has in the qualifying rounds for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Pinto was emphatic in pointing out that James is not at 50% of his performance and that this, in part, is due to the fact that he plays in a league like Qatar’s, where the level of demand is not the highest.

“We all wait a lot. Hopefully going to Qatar will contribute, but for me we have it at 50% of its production. Hopefully he will raise his level because I don’t think the solution is James. You have a year to prepare and be able to deliver everything. Tasting is not ideal but between nothing, something is good. It is played a bit relaxed and there is good rest and that does not favor James, “he said on an ESPN program.

It is worth noting that in addition to James Rodríguez, Jorge Luis Pinto also referred to Davidson Sánchez, a footballer who does not convince him and for which he would have to look at alternatives for future calls for the Colombia team.

“I would look at other things, I honestly say so. With respect for Davidson Sánchez, a boy who brings dedication and temperament, I would look at other alternatives in the search for a better played football, more positioned and better managed in terms of the aspect of space ”, he assured about the central defender of Tottenham from England. / COLPRENSA

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