Pipe ruptures on the Dodô circuit and a crater forms on the track

A new pipeline ruptured this Saturday morning (18) in Salvador. This time, the case was registered on Avenida Oceânica, in Ondina, at the end of the Dodô circuit.

Due to the flooding, a crater was formed at the site and affected the work area of ​​street vendors. The road was partially blocked, and teams from Empresa Baiana de Águas (Embasa) are on site performing the concert.

In a statement, the Mobility Secretariat (Semob) reported that the disruption did not cause any inconvenience to traffic or the operation of transport in the city. The Maintenance Secretariat (Seman) will provide support during the concert to asphalt the site as soon as the leak is controlled and the crater is closed.

Embase said in a statement that it began correcting the leak at around 7am. Because of this, the distribution of water will be affected both on the avenue and on the cross streets. Avenida Garibaldi and Paciencia will also suffer contingencies.

According to the company, the service will be completed by 2 pm, before the start of the Carnival movement.

second case

This is the second record of a pipeline rupture in the city this week. On Thursday (16), the first official day of Carnival, a pipe broke on Avenida Reitor Miguel Calmon, in the Garcia neighborhood, one of the main points of connection between revelers and the Dodô circuit, in Barra, and Osmar, in Campo. Big.

One car has sunk into the pipeline, which also caused traffic jams and slowdowns. The service was completed last Friday (17) with the release of the track.

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