Piqué says he was in shock after the accusation against Daniel Alves

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Former teammate of Daniel Alves at Barcelona, ​​Gerar Piqué said he was in shock when he received the news that the Brazilian had been accused of rape by a young woman at the end of last year. On RC1 radio, the Spaniard said that the case is “complicated” and that he knows the player, but that, in case of conviction, Justice must “be tough with him”.

The easy thing is to say he’s guilty, I want to wait for what the judge says, and what he says has to be followed. And help the victim in the process. It is very complicated. I, as a former partner, [tenho] the feeling that you don’t know him. You say ‘yeah, we share everything’. you would never think about it Gerard Piqué Former defender

Former defender said he was “in a state of shock” when he learned of the accusation, mainly because he had lived with the player for so long.

“I would be even tougher than justice already is. I am against the people of the yes it is yes or no movement. We have to respect each other, men and women. I hope for a world that doesn’t happen. It would be adamant and harsh if that happened, which it appears to have done.”

Daniel Alves has been detained since January 23, accused of raping a 23-year-old woman in a Barcelona nightclub. Since then, the player’s defense has requested that he wait for the trial in freedom, which was denied by the Spanish Justice.

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