“PJ copied Rui Costa’s emails during searches in Luz”, published on March 7 | Right of Reply

It’s hard to deny that we are living in a time of public judgments and biased news. Every day, we are bombarded with sensational news that intends to attract attention and increase the audience. However, this news is often presented in a biased manner, with distorted and incomplete information, which ends up influencing opinions and leading us to judge people and situations without having a complete understanding of the facts.

It’s exhausting having to deal with this reality every day. The feeling that we are being manipulated by news and motivations, by order or service to someone, is ever greater. Furthermore, public trials have become a common practice, where people are convicted and lynched with virtually no right to a defense or the presumption of innocence. This culture of hate and virtual lynching is extremely dangerous and can lead to serious consequences in the lives of the people involved.

We should look for reliable and unbiased sources and try to understand the complexity of situations before jumping to conclusions.

Courts are the place for everyone to be tried, and until convicted we are entitled to the presumption of innocence. Sensationalism, distorting the truth and trying to influence any judgment through the media is an aggression against human beings and the truth, a mediocre service to the public in general, except for its “owners”.

César Boaventura, sports agent

NA: The news in question is based on facts that result from consultation with the case in which César Boaventura is the main defendant, and of which the Operation Malapata. None of these facts are contradicted in this answer.

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