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Tournament will have the participation of influencers and the community

PlayStation holds Platinum Brazil tournament with PS5 awards
© Disclosure/PlayStation BrazilPlayStation holds Platinum Brazil tournament with PS5 awards

A PlayStation Brazil announced that next Saturday (27) will have the championship Brazil Platinum from FIFA 22, in which it will bring together influencers and the community, which will be able to compete until the final against the streamers to win prizes like a PlayStation 5 and R$5,000.

The tournament will have three stages, with the competition between influencers at the beginning to define the best 6 in knockout format matches. Among the guests are: Afinco, BRKsEDU, Canal dos Boleiros, Crocodillo Games, Drico Gamer, Fiaspo, Fifalize, FifaTeca66, Hagazo, Jukanalha, Lucky Salamander, UT Millionaire, Nuno Bianchi, Patife, Rodrigol and Thata Gamer.

The second phase will be with the community, in which 6 championships in the PlayStation Competition Center will be created, each one representing one of the winners of the 1st phase.

The 6 winners will receive one PS5 each, one from each championship. Finally, the 6 community winners will join the 6 influencers to compete in pairs, in which only one pair will emerge victorious and with R$5,000. See the schedule below:

– 1st stage: November 27, at 12:30 pm Brasília time, broadcast on the PlayStation Brasil channel on YouTube;
– 2nd stage (community registration phase): from December 1st to 6th, which can be done via the PS4 console or via the internet on the website. PlayStation Competition Center;
– 2nd stage (community competition): from December 7th to 14th to define the 6 winners who take a PS5;
– 3rd stage: December 15th, with live broadcast on the PlayStation Brasil channel to define the winning duo of R$5,000.

Follow the broadcast on the official channel of PlayStation Brazil no YouTube and check out more details at official website of the tournament. Remember that registration is free, but you will have to set aside a time to participate in the tournament, as not attending will win the WO opponent

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